Back Support

Polymed Health carries a wide range of body braces. We are distributors of world leading brace manufactures: BioFlex and Rehband.

Our Back supports designed to promote proper posture and good body mechanics to help maintain a healthy back, reduce back pain and prevent back pain injuries due to lifting, pushing, pulling, walking, exercising and repetitive bending or twisting.


BIOFLEX Magnet Technology

With unconditional world leading German medical engineering in mind, medical braces and supports will cure your pain within an hour!

  • Lumbar Support – Ideal for back pain and provides extra support. Now with neoprene and CoolMaX lining to allow for a cooler fit.
  • Active Back – Made of breathable elastic for active life. Contains 6 BIOflex concentric circle magnets. This support is available both in black and white. Ideal for back pain and allows more flexibility.
  • Back-A-Line Heavy-Duty Back Support. Now available with BIOflex Magnets. Reduces your lower back pain with snug-fitting back support, and an additional Velcro strap that ensures firm lumbar support. Has been Proven to Work to improve back health and safety, to lessen back pain, and lower back related injuries.


BIOFLEX Magnetic sleep Pads

Restful sleep is the first step toward recovery and wellness. BioFlex Magnetic Sleep Pads have been hailed as the most advanced and effective products of their kind for their ability to help us get a good night’s rest naturally.

Available in different sizes

  • Twin Mattress Overlay size: 39” x 75” Contains 12 – 33” magnetic strips
  • Full Mattress Overlay size: 54” x 75” Contains 12 – 46” magnetic strips
  • Queen Mattress Overlay size: 60” x 80” Contains 12 – 52” magnetic strips
  • King Mattress Overlay size: 76” x 80” Contains 12 – 67” magnetic strips



Magnetic Therapy products have been clinically proven to Reduce Pain, , and Improve Circulation by independent scientific studies from leading universities and research centers across the country.

Magnetic fields affect the body in two ways:

  1. Increased Blood Flow: Magnetic fields cause vasodilation which increases the flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the affected tissue, augmenting the body’s natural healing processes.
  2. Increased Lymph flow: Magnetic fields cause lymph vessel dilation which accelerates the reduction of swelling, a major source of musculoskeletal pain.

Magnets are commonly recommended for adjunctive use on sports injuries and chronic pain conditions including:

  • Chronic Lower Back Pain       
  • Sprains & Strains      
  • Wrist Pain      
  • Tendonitis       
  • Overuse Syndrome     
  • Elbow Pain